“The big butterfly on the sea”, as depicted by painter Salvatore Fiume on a poster of the 70’s, is the largest of the Egadi Islands. Katria for the Phoenicians, Aegusa for the Greeks, Favignana today, a name that comes from the west warm wind Favonius.
Already mentioned in the Odyssey, home of the victorious battle of the Romans over the Carthaginians, land of piracies, conquests and barbarity, it became possession of the Pallavicino’s from Genoa, then the Florio’s in the 19th century, today it is an independent municipality. For centuries the island’s strengths have been tuna fishing and the extraction of its shelly tuff, which have provided livelihood and wealth to its conquerors, owners and islanders.
The presence of several tuff caves makes large areas of Favignana extremely suggestive. Within them we can find majestic caves, vertiginous cliffs overlooking the sea, and the vegetation. The sea is the major site of tourist attraction, it is considered appealing thanks to the dozens of bays accessible from the ground, rich and fascinating for their diverse sea bottoms. It is an ideal place for exciting holidays full of discoveries, emotions and relax.


photographs by Nunzio Van Der Camp
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